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Audible Affirmation cards to enhance Manifestation

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Digital or Hard Copy: Physical cards please!

Do you want something to change in your life? Maybe you’d like a new career path, to find love, or simply just to be happy.    

We can use affirmations as a tool to get what we want by believing in ourselves, our power to make our dreams come true, and the magic of manifestation.  

Every expert will tell you that affirmations only work when integrated deeply into your routine. Our manifestation escape was designed exactly for that. 

Four beautiful physical cards that are small and thin enough to fit in your wallet or phone cover but big enough to make you take notice of it.  

Each card is pre loaded with topic related affirmations. Recorded into a beautiful meditation audio with affirmations repeated and echoed throughout. Ideal for use with ESSTA but can also be used stand alone. 

    Digital or Hard Copy: Physical cards please!