Emotional Support and Self-Reflection Through Awareness ESSTA

Our Story

ESSTA was founded by Gal Darrash as part of the InnovateThis group in 2022 to support her followers and clients in between sessions after she found that more and more people would sink betweek workshops. Realising that people needed daily support she wrote the Escape With Gal Series to support those who were in toxic relationships with partners, families or colleagues when she could not be there. Since then ESSTA has grown to a catalogue of over 100 titles and the ESSTA app is now an all-in-one platform for those trying to build their self esteem, reach their goals and improve their quality of life.

More About Gal

What's the point of the cards?

We use what we can see. We value what we can hold. The founding concept of ESSTA was to give consumers the power to own something physical, something they can collect, see, keep somewhere to become a physical reminder and even a trigger for peace.

Now, it's more than that. ESSTA's physical cards have made meditations giftable and stockable - putting them in the hands of retailers, HR professionals, as well as family and friends looking to buy gifts of purpose and with true meaning.

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